Carrol Nielsen Cross Stitch Designs

all designs on this page are

Copyright Carrol Nielsen 2005-19

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70.Polar Bear Birth Sampler


$10 by email

71.Teddy Bear Birth sampler


$10 by email


60B.Little Aussie Birth record (40x12cm)

$10 by email


91.Wombat and Platypus baby motifs (12 x10cm approx.)

$5 by email for both charts


92.Bush Babies Birth Sampler


$10 by email


92a.Bush Babies Alphabet Sampler


$10 by email


120.Sleeping Baby Koala


$5 by email


123. Koala Babies Birth Record

18.5cm x 44cm

$10 by email


144.Koala and Flannel Flower Birth Record


$10 by email




141.Bush Babies Growth Chart

18cm x 88cm

$15 by email




154. Koala Parchment Birth Sampler

Design size 25 x 28 cm

$10 by email


180a.Koala Gumleaf Birth Sampler


$10 by email


206.Pouch Babies Birth Sampler


$10 by email


213. Peekaboo Birth Sampler


$10 by email


214. Koala bib design

8x7cm includes alphabet

$3 by email


224.Koala Footprints Birth Sampler

15 x 46 cm

$10 by email


257.Bush Babies and Footprints Birth Sampler

28 x 46 cm

$10 by email

Easy way to personalise a teddy for the new baby

Stitch a patch and attach to your bears feet

272.Bush Babies and Handprints Birth Sampler


$10 by email


273.Shh Doorhanger


$3 by email


294.Sleeping Koalas Birth Record

32 x 30 cm

$10 for email


295.Sleeping Koalas

19x 17cm

$5 for email


305.Climbing Koalas Birth Sampler

16 x 32cm

$10 for email


315.Butterfly Kisses Birth Sampler


$10 by email


Baby and Children Designs

330.Koala Cuddles Birth Sampler


$10 by email


336.Bush Babies Twins


$10 by email


339.Birthday Teddy Feet


337.Wedding Teddy Feet


338.Baby Teddy Feet


Teddy Feet


$4 by email each


354.Babies in Baskets Birth Sampler

385x 97 stitches

16x 70cm

$10 by email

355. Loki Birth Sampler

321x 92 stitches

17 x 58cm

$10 by email

372. Sleepy Time Birth Sampler

Stitch count 100x250


$10 by email