Carrol Nielsen Christmas Cross Stitch Designs

Aussie designs with a Danish accent

This is my page of Cross stitch designs - a mix of Australian and Danish ideas that I hope will inspire you to start stitching for Christmas.

My designs have been published in various magazines and feature the Danish Nisse which is a pixie or elf and lots of my own Aussie Koala Nisser.

My designs are suitable for Christmas tree ornaments, cards and wall hangings.

I also now have a selection of designs suitable for other occasions such as weddings, birthdays and more.

If you wish to save postage on your order I can now email you the charts in PDF format upon receipt of your payment.

I accept payment by cheque, money order, Direct Deposit and now Paypal

Please refer to the order page


It is never too early to start stitching for Christmas.

(Christmas is coming, Pass it on!)

Have fun and I hope to hear from you soon.



all designs on this page are

copyright Carrol Nielsen 2005-2014

Latest New Designs in 2014

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As you can see I am a stitcher not a computer person but if you are interested in my designs and would like to receive updates for new designs please clik on the box below to subscribe to my mailing list

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In Your Hands

20 x 20 cm

Only available from Save the Koala Foundation


Please come and visit my facebook group for details visit the link. It is free to join


I preview some of my new designs and there is a chance to win a copy of one of

my designs every month!


247.GDay Hearts

18 x 14 cm


248.Valentine Heart Footprints

21 x 19 cm


246.Kangaroo Happy New Year

17x 13 cm


249.Gumnut Anniversary

22 x 25 cm


250.Gumnut Wedding

20 x 26 cm



10 x 10 cm


252.Basket of Bilbies

11 x 13 cm


254.Little Koala Leprechaun

14 x 9 cm


257.Bush Babies† and Footprints Birth Sampler

28 x 34 cm



Design size42x55cm



255.Easter Babies

12 x 14 cm


258.Stitching for Easter

12x 15 cm


259.Keep Calm Designs




11x18cm average size

$3 each or all for $6


23 x 11cm



25 x 11cm


I will be updating my site over the next 2 months. If there is a design you have been thinking about donít wait too long as it may not be there when I am finished.